If you are a fan of the video game Infamous 2 Cole MacGrath, then it would be difficult to ignore the cosplay men’s leather jacket. The main protagonist of the game, Cole MacGrath, always wear this signature biker jacket when he is riding his bikes and making deliveries. Stand out from the crowd and turn heads by wearing our Cole MacGrath jacket that is inspired by the look of Cole MacGrath. It is the perfect leather jacket, made with unique artisanal finishes, for those looking for a comfortable jacket to wear all day but does not want to compromise on the style.

The unique color combination of the infamous Cole jacket sets it apart from other jackets in the market. The funky and soft yellow color of the jacket makes it soothing to the eyes. Made out of premium leather that will stand the test of time, the Cole infamous jacket is perfect for daily wear, cruiser riding, clubbing, or any lively event that you want to attend. The Cole infamous jacket’s unusual cuts and stitches are enhanced by the black and yellow color on the front, back and on the sleeves. The vase-like design of yellow color in the front gives the jacket an amazing pattern and a character of its own. The attractive zipper on the sleeves gives it a proper biker jacket look. There are two jetted pockets on the sides along the waist to keep your wallet and phone safe.

Add a touch of boldness and class with this attention-grabbing replica Cole infamous jacket. It has always been on the top of best-selling jackets, so grab your piece before it runs out of stock.


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